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Player Registrations

As of season 2015, there is a new way to register to play football in the SFL.

All players must register online before the end of March, otherwise they will not be able to play, no exceptions.

Previously Registered

If you have previously registered (last year) with your current email address, you can go directly to the SFL website and click on Port Noarlunga, then follow the instructions.

If you are registering for the first time:

How to Register

Before you're able to register on the SFL website, you'll need to let us know your email address that you plan to register with. This is something that is required by the SFL, as we have to enter your email into their database before you'll be able to register with it.

To let us know your email, please use the contact form. One of our volunteers will then enter it into the database, and send you a notification.

Once you've received your notification, you can head over to the SFL website: (right click and select open in new window), then click on the Port Noarlunga FC link, and follow the instructions.

If you require any assistance, feel free to use the contact form.